There are many different real estate types in Virginia including single family homes, high-end apartments, condos, and even town homes, and that means there are plenty of different housing options for Virginia house buyers. One of the most popular trends in purchasing a home in Virginia is buying an older home. The older properties are usually less expensive than newer homes because there are more distressed and old homes on the market. It may be more difficult to find new properties, but old houses can usually be had for far less money than newer properties.

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Another hot trend for Virginia house buyers is buying a fixer upper. These homes are a good investment because they usually come with great hidden benefits like a pool or a home gym and because fixing up these homes can be very lucrative. Fixer uppers are usually in great condition, have few repairs, and come with their own unique personalities and styles. They are ideal for those who are looking to purchase property in the area without sacrificing too much of the quality of their lives.

If it is someone’s first time buying a home in Virginia, or if they are here on a vacation, and just need a place to live for a short period of time, they may prefer a vacation home. These come in all shapes and sizes but are not as spacious as rental properties. They are usually smaller, just enough to provide the basic amenities, and can often be rented out during the times the homeowner is not using the property. This way, homebuyers can save up money and still have the feeling of ownership in their property.