Protection from Lightning commonly known as protection from darkness spells was an ancient abjuration spell that absorbed damage because of lightning and other forms of magical attacks. It is usually cast on yourself or at least on others you can see and feel. An aura around the caster absorbed the damage according to the power of the spell cast. Protection from Lightning could not be understated in its power as it could instantly destroy an entire building.

Protection From Lightning

It is important to note that while casting Protection from Lightning, one must be grounded. This is because some conductors are more susceptible to damage when grounded and some are not grounded. The more grounded the conductor the more resistant the damage will be. The most common conductor vulnerable to lightning damage is metal and when grounded conducts electricity. When grounded, metal is less likely to be damaged.

Many people are unaware that the majority of buildings and homes are not properly grounded and is very prone to damage from surges in electricity. It is important to have a surge protection system so that you do not become a victim of lightning storms. A surge protection system protects the electrical infrastructure by diverting surplus electrical current to the ground and it also helps to protect the equipment and machinery of the building.