IPL Treatments

ipl treatments

IPL treatments are a great way to improve your skin’s appearance without the risk of surgery. They work by emitting pulses of light that target the deeper layers of the skin. This heats up the skin cells and damages melanin, which results in a more even skin tone. The light also stimulates blood flow, which helps reabsorb melanin.

Benefits and Risks

IPL treatments are also effective at reducing signs of aging because they improve the skin’s appearance by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that helps repair damaged skin cells. As a result, the skin will appear smoother and younger. The treatment can also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Although useful reference about ipl treatments can be painful, they are relatively quick and easy to administer. Most patients require three to seven sessions for optimal results. They also require occasional maintenance treatments to maintain the new skin look. However, IPL procedures are not cheap, and in 2018 the average cost of an IPL session was $400. This is not covered by insurance, but many dermatology clinics offer payment plans.

After the procedure, the skin is left smoother and less discoloured. The treatments last just over half an hour. Some people find that one session is enough to see results. Others find that multiple treatments are necessary. While IPL treatment is effective at reducing redness and removing brown spots, you need to be aware of any potential risks.