shooting range

A Charlotte shooting range is a place where people practice their skills with firearms. They can take part in competitions and qualify for firearm usage qualifications. They can also practice for training purposes. There are several types of shooting ranges. Here are a few common ones.


Lighting at a shooting range should be uniformly bright, glare-free, and shadow-free. In addition, the light should not cause pupil dilation, which lowers the shooter’s visual acuity. Other important safety practices include emergency and exit lighting. Also, bullet trap lighting should be 30 foot candles or higher.

Shooting ranges have several rules and regulations to ensure safety. They must be properly maintained and must provide a controlled environment for shooting. The fairways must be at an appropriate height and elevation for the projectiles to hit the target. During training, participants should keep an eye on the flags, which are sometimes installed on outdoor shooting ranges. Shooting ranges are subject to these rules and regulations, and violating them could result in suspension or banishment.

Outdoor shooting ranges are generally constructed in such a way that bullets can be contained by high retaining walls behind the target line. They may also include a stop-butt. In addition to the backstop, a shooting range may include bullet traps. Bullet traps are made of angled hardened steel plates designed to trap and redirect bullets into other metal plates. Bullet traps also contain spent bullets and direct them to a collection area.