Bodega Bay lies along a narrow peninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean. The area is renowned for its pristine, rocky shoreline and its closeness to San Francisco. Bodega Bay’s most famous landmark is the Balboa Park, with its high peaked cliffs and towering monuments. The most prominent building in the city is the Hotel San Diego in San Diego, which served as the county seat and palace until becoming a museum. Bodega Bay’s other landmarks include the San Diego Zoo, the Historic Gas Lamp District, the Delano Street Museum, and the Bodega Bay Yacht Club. Read More –

The Best Things To Do In Bodega Bay California

One of the things to do in bodega bay is to go on a hiking adventure. Hiking this trail will allow you to see one of the finest examples of Victorian architecture in America. Beginning at the southern tip of the peninsula, the trail goes southwestward past the Point Loma tunnel, a World War II landing site. While on your trek, you will come across the quaint seaside hamlets of Point Loma and Delano, as well as the historic Gas Lamp District.

Another thing to do in Bodega Bay is to take a day trip to the three parks that are located near the coast. These include the SeaWorld, the Wild Animal Park, and the zoo. In addition to visiting these popular attractions, you can also visit the nearby marine resources of the Pacific Ocean, such as the State Wildlife property and the Marine Reserve. A day trip to San Diego’s Historic Gas Lamp District is also a must, especially if you are driving up from Bodega Bay.