There is a very interesting thing that happens when I am making a new home or remodeling an existing one; I have a great opportunity to use the talents and experience of our entire building department by adding a Window & Door Page to my house vignette. This is an innovative idea that I have not yet seen on any other building or home page anywhere on the internet. Our building department has the most creative imaginations and creativity I have ever witnessed and their creations are always improving and new features are added each time I am working with them. This window and door page are one of their latest additions and use a grid design that I have found is unique and really stands out. I was very intrigued by it and I am sure others will be as well once they fully understand the concept and layout.

How to do great opportunity to use the talents and experience?

I am always asked what is the Page and how does it work? It is a simple vinyl sticker that runs the full width of the door and has two glass panels on either side that fit together and pivot in and out. Each panel is 9″ wide and has a slight curve in the middle that allows for the vinyl sticker to move back and forth without rubbing or tearing against each other. What is amazing about the design is that it can change depending upon the moment or purpose of the sign. You can see the design on the screen or by simply moving your finger across the border of the window and you will see the different design.

There are many different uses for your new window & door page, but I really like the idea of using it to create a creative graphic advertisement that is very attention-grabbing. I think this will be a big hit for my new business and since I live in an area where we get many people through the door every day, this could be a very easy way to attract new customers! It also gives me an opportunity to use my computer skills in a fun way. What’s even better is that we can put a different design on each page and use it in any other place in our home as well. Just make sure we put a water-proof cover over the window when not in use.